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09/22/2015 23:52
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Directweb2print has been in the service of supplying promotional products for over two decades now. Back in 2010, when we determined, through the concerted efforts of our team, that there was a need for an easy, inexpensive way to order promotional products; we launched our online services for our clientele. Our core values include providing unique products while focusing on quality and safety.

Our vision is to cater to the needs of our clients, and make our website a premier online platform for ordering promotional products. We are proud that we fulfill temporary tattoos href="https://www.directweb2print.com/Blog">custom sticky notes the need for low cost, quality printed promotional items for our clients; that others in the market cannot match. Our customers are confident in and find our website easy to use.

As part of our best practices initiative we fundraise for charities; and this defines the way Directweb2print gives back to the community.

Directweb2Print printing solutions

Why Use DW2P:

Directweb2Print printing solutions

The range of our promotional products is wide and includes tattoos, sticky notes, business card magnets, custom magnets, scratch pads, stickers, cling vinyls and custom mousepads.

Whether you represent a small business or a department within a large business, managing a fund raising event, heading to a trade show, organizing a sporting event like a 5k run, or coordinating a school event, our products are easy to order promotional products and give you ‘more bang for your buck’

We assure flexibility, choice, quality, convenience and profitability like no one else in the field. We help you:

save time, money and energy

choose or design your own art for your products, using our online design tool

receive high quality, digitally printed and professionally produced products

enjoy the delivery of products at your door


Directweb2print takes pride in our ability to fulfill the needs of those involved in promoting school events, sports teams and charity fundraising events. We offer safe and affordable promotional products that will temporary tattoos help spread your message.

Our wide range of innovative products can easily be customized and designed to suit your needs. Using our designer tool you can make your own art, edit an image you already have or choose from our wide library of clipart images. Custom promotional items like Waterless Temporary Tattoos, Sticky Pads, Custom Magnets and stickers available at your fingertips without the need for being technically savvy.


Establish or strengthen your brand and corporate identity. Directweb2print brings you an extensive range of promotional products to help you promote your business. Whether you represent a small business, or a particular department of a large business, we help you provide a professional edge to your promotion. We offer the benefit of high quality products at affordable cost; and delivery at your door.

Our products highlight your presence at trade shows, conferences, product launches or sports events; and attract potential customers. Promotional items like custom stickers, tattoos are ideal for branding at events; business card magnets, sticky pads, custom magnets serve well as giveaways at events; and our cling vinyls, stickers, mouse pads feature your brand at your locations.


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