List of All HTML Tags

08/11/2015 01:19
The head tag consists of all involving the script and style elements, and must include a title for your document


The header tag specifies a header to acquire a document or perhaps section. both are usually interdependent, with out the some other person table wouldn't display as expected.


The u tag will be accustomed to underline words, similar for the underline function present in the majority of phrase processing software. HTML tags are the normal language useful for presentation associated with web content. That will be used to create an HTML form pertaining to user input.


This tag permits the writer to spread out a fresh webpage within a webpage. a supply as well as an alt are generally mandatory attributes involving this tag. It can even end up being used to work as a sidebar aloof from the primary content.


The audio tag will be a brand name new supplement in order to HTML, that allows music, as well as any other kind of audio file, being embedded within the webpage. The Actual document kind tag will not need a finish tag.


The anchor tag, because this tag is actually called, interconnects 2 pages (unidirectional) using the aid of your page address. the most up-to-date model is HTML 5, which usually premiered about February 4, 2014.

HTML ended up being developed from the Internet Consortium and in addition the Web Hypertext Application technology Operating Team inside 1993, which still oversee its development till today. one may utilize the previously listed tags to become able to enhance the appearance involving an article, which usually eventually assists improve readability.

. Audio tags are employed in order that files embedded in these tags could be listened for you to straight in the browser rather than downloading the particular file in order to listen to it.


The bold tag will be used, as the identify suggests, to produce text bold, or perhaps be noticeable using their particular company text on a webpage. should certainly not be utilized to define replaced or even deleted text.


The samp tag is a phrase tag. anyone that uses the particular Internet regarding advertising their services or perhaps for personal use, makes use of this language to add creativity with their webpages. This external plugin adds application as well as interactive content material upon any page.


The fieldset tag is actually used to team associated elements in a form. Your text-align all social accounts and also caption aspect properties associated with CSS could be accustomed to location the caption.


The middle tag is actually accustomed to align elements or even text to the middle in the page. An HTML table offers 2 kinds of cells:

Header cells that include header information (created with just about all the th element)

Standard cells that will contain data (created with the td element)


The textarea tag defines multi-line text input control. This tag allows a person validate, manipulate, and affect content material dynamically.


The section tag defines a new section associated with the page, for example chapters, headers, footers, etc.


The select tag lets the writer define a drop down associated with choices to choose from, that are hardcoded throughout HTML. That renders emphasized text. However, utilizing CSS might assist the author enhance the particular bit of text more efficiently.


The column tag specifies styles for that cells in the table inside any colgroup tag. This specific tag is put inside the particular header tag, as well as the title element:

defines a title in the browser's toolbar

provides the title for your web page in the large event it is included with favorites

displays the title for your web page within search-engine results


The tr tag defines any row in an HTML table.


This tag, commonly recognized as since the comments tag, is actually utilized to hide feedback and text coming from showing up on the final page. the figcaption tag is actually utilized to specify the particular title for the same.


This tag is comparable for the basefont tag, except it applies your font type towards the content and also elements inside your tag, and not across the complete page. Metadata is not really going to always be displayed about the page, yet is going to be device parsable.


The meter tag defines any scalar measurement inside a identified range, or even a fractional value. This particular element may always be used as a approach to encode dates and occasions in a machine-readable way, so that, pertaining to example, user agents can provide to include birthday reminders or even scheduled events towards the user's calendar, as well as engines such as google may generate smarter search results.


As the title states, the actual title tag defines the title of the page. That does not have any alignment property.


The figure tag specifies content, similar to illustrations, diagrams, photos, code listings, etc. That just isn't supported throughout HTML 5, where CSS can always be used regarding this and further functionality concerning fonts.


The BDO tag, or Bi-Directional Override, will be utilized to affect the default direction of the text, which is LTR, or left to right.


This tag helps an individual define bigger text, or perhaps boost the particular sized the actual text. Specifies a bunch of 1 or perhaps a lot more columns inside a table with regard Seo for your youtube Videos to formatting.


The datalist tag specifies any list of pre-defined alternatives with an input element. The Actual column tag is actually accustomed to use styles in order to entire columns, instead of repeating your styles with regard to each as well as every cell, pertaining to every row.


The colgroup tag specifies styles for the columns in a table for formatting. similar to the bold effect seen in many word processing programs.


The base element permits authors in order to specify the document base URL for that purposes of resolving relative URLs, and furthermore the title with the default browsing context for the purposes involving next hyperlinks.


The basefont tag is actually used to define any font style, font family, and also font for that entire document. Comparable towards the caption tag for a table. Generally there are no self-properties defined pertaining to this tag.


Using this tag draws any series via the actual text, comparable to the strike via function present in most word processing programs. Your thead and also tbody tags are utilized throughout collaboration together with tfoot.


The th tag defines the header cell inside an HTML table. HTML is surely an abbreviation with regard to Hypertext Markup Language. This defines any definition term. not supported in HTML 5, your del tag is used regarding this functionality inside HTML 5.


The strong tag is really a phrase tag. Your font tag is not supported inside HTML 5, CSS can end up being used instead.


The footer tag defines the footer to acquire a document or even section. The Particular large tag just isn't supported in HTML 5.


This tag is actually accustomed to specify a piece that is quoted through yet another source. This kind of can be known as a new gauge.


The nav tag defines the actual navigation back links with the page.


The noscript tag defines an alternate content with regard to customers that have disabled scripts in their browser or even possess a browser that will not support script. That draws the border box across the elements contained.


The figcaption tag defines the caption for a figure element. Comparable for the Italic text present in most phrase processing programs.


The iframe tag assists you in order to definitely insert any frame in any HTML document. the dimension of the textarea can be specified from the columns and rows attribute, or even making use of CSS.


The tfooter tag is actually utilized to group the actual footer content material inside an HTML table. The Particular frameset element specifies the particular columns or rows in the frameset, as well as the percentage/pixels involving space occupied by each frame.


As your identify states, your head tag is principally responsible for that functioning with the body. That They add highlight and also font type permit the particular heading of the section stand out. An HTML table provides 2 types of cells:

Header cells in which contain header details (created with the th element)

Standard cells which contain data (created using the td element)


The thead tag can be utilized to group the header content material within an HTML table. Pertaining To this functionality your "for" attribute is used on label.


The legend tag defines a new caption for the fieldset element. That will be designed to demonstrate screenreaders as well as assistive technologies specifically where the major content begins. Utilizing autocomplete feature, it hints for the user your values inside the drop down.


In HTML5, the dd tag is used to describe a new term/name in the description list. This kind of tag is inserted right away after the table tag. It can be described as a file of any kind of format.


The major tag, as the title states, highlights probably the actual most crucial content of the document. the font type in this tag is different compared to regular text.


The label element does not render anything special for the user. This defines test output from a computer program.


The script tag enables the author in order to insert scripting language into document, like JavaScript. That can be to assist the actual browser understand the edition along with sort regarding web page, without which the particular browser would not end up being in a new situation to even recognize the webpage. Your header element needs to end up being able to be utilized as getting a container pertaining to introductory content or possibly a pair of navigational links.

[h1] for you to [h6]

The h1 to h6 tags are used to define HTML headings. It puts whatever comes after it about a brand new line. This can be mostly employed by coders for you to insert feedback in various sections with the web page pertaining to their particular reference, and also make such remarks certainly not noticeable for you to end users, and also in the browser. It provides the td as well as th tags, which define the visual columns in the table. It preserves series breaks along with spaces, hence the br tag isn't required.


The progress tag represents the particular progress of your task.


The q tag defines a brief quotation. Technically, they are not inserted, they are generally the way in order to obtain the particular image linked to the tag.


As the actual title suggests, an author may accept inputs from customers making a web page interactive, by utilizing this tag. Comparable to the italics tag.


The embed tag will be comparable to the applet tag, which usually allows any 3rd party plugin to be inserted right into a page. That will be suggested for you to avoid making use of the underline tag, as text styles with this particular tag may be mistaken with regard to hyperlinks.


Unordered list; allows you have any listing of elements with out numbers or perhaps alphabetical bulleted list. This kind of tag will be usually employed when expressing scientific formulae.


The superscript tag is used to define say format the text by simply shifting it towards the upper a component of your existing line, called the baseline. This particular content cannot be repeated anywhere throughout the document.


The physique tag displays all involving the content associated with an HTML document, for example text, hyperlinks, images, tables, lists, etc.


This tag allows anyone add the line break for the text. Right now there can be multiple frames inside the page, contained in the frameset.


The frameset tag is actually utilized to include frames (x number of webpages inside a new page). This is actually similar for the caption tag to acquire a table. Inside this tag you can put content, similar to text or images.


The canvas tag, as the name specifies, can always be a blank region about the page which is utilized to redraw graphics about the go. This really does not have got access to any alignment properties.


The li tag defines an inventory item, and is actually also utilized in ordered lists (ol), unordered lists (ul), and in menu lists (menu).


As the name states, this tag produces a link with an external source. the hyperlink in the interconnected page wants to become inserted as part of the href attribute, which helps to make the text accessible, and directs an individual towards the mentioned page about clicking the particular linked text.


This tag, generally referred to as abbreviation or even acronym tag, is used to exhibit the actual complete type of an abbreviation or perhaps acronym on the mouse-over, with its title attribute.


This tag can be comparable towards the abbreviation tag, nevertheless can be used if the acronym can be a spoken word, like GUI, NASA, etc. Record items are placed inside your li tag.


The var tag is actually a phrase tag. It could be also useful for content syndication, exactly where mobile browsers could zoom in when encountering non-responsive websites.


The map tag can be utilized to define any client-side image-map, wherein an author may produce a a portion of image clickable.


This tag allows you highlight the written text in the document.


The meta tag provides metadata in regards to the HTML document. The idea exhibits black strong dots (o) as bullets. similar to the italics tag.


As your name states, it can always be a media tag, which defines video inside the page, replacing the object as well as embed tag.


In HTML 4.01, the dl tag defines a new definition list. The Actual tbody and tfoot tags are employed in collaboration using the thead tag.


The occasion tag defines possibly a time (24-hour clock), or to take up a date in the Gregorian calendar, optionally using a period along with a time-zone offset. Your th tag is accustomed to define the table header. External elements can be animated flash, webpages, applets, PDFs, etc. This marks changes or modifications who have occurred in the document.


This tag defines keyboard input. Whenever printing a large table which spans multiple pages, these elements may let the table header along with footer to become produced with the nearly all notable as well as bottom of every and every page.


The td tag is definitely an individual cell inside table, it can help form the particular columns of the table. Within the particular subsequent table, 1 will find a comprehensive set of HTML tags.

Your browser doesn't support Javascript. The Actual collection break tag is definitely an empty tag, meaning it's got zero end tag.


The button tag defines a clickable button. This specific tag will become the container regarding all additional HTML elements (except for the [!DOCTYPE] tag).


The italic tag is actually accustomed to highlight crucial phrases or perhaps sentences inside text. Easy for you to use, source tag within defines the particular media supply url.


The [wbr] (Word Break Opportunity) tag specifies where inside a text it would always be ok to include the series break. Could become excluded whilst coding. Thead (table header) along with tfoot (table footer) are utilized within collaboration using the tbody tag, generating your table a whole skeleton. This defines any variable. The Particular attribute cite wants to be used to define the particular way in order to obtain your content. It is placed within the body tag only.


Ordered list; allows you have any listing of elements using a numbered or even alphabetical bulleted list.


The optgroup tag helps a person create sections or even teams inside a new drop down list. The Actual noscript contained content/element is likely to be displayed if scripts are not supported.


The object tag adds external elements in order to pages, simply by linking your source. Browsers usually insert quotation marks across the quotation.


The s tag defines the particular encompassed text isn't a lot more accurate as well as correct. Inside real, square brackets [ ] mentioned here ought to always be able to be replaced by angular brackets. Arrives inside select tag only, as well as contains merely option as being a child.


This tag produces those items with regard to selection in the drop down list, i.e., choices to become selected in the select tag.


The p tag defines a paragraph around the page.


The param tag is utilized to define parameters for plugins embedded having an object element.


This tag allows you employed preformatted text, where the user may define or perhaps print text about web page 'as is' written inside the actual tag. the acronym tag is actually deprecated in HTML 5.


The address tag defines your contact information associated with the master or even author with the web page in which it actually is defined.


This tag can be used to insert any Java code that works well within HTML. Throughout HTML 5, the particular dl tag defines a new description list.


The dt tag defines a term/name in the description list.


The em tag can become a phrase tag. Much More complex tables may also include the caption tag, the column tag, your colgroup tag, the actual table header tag, the actual table footer tag, and in addition the table physique tag.


The tbody tag, or even the table physique tag, is used to group your body content material throughout an HTML table. This particular tag will be usually utilized in mathematics or citations.


The table tag is accustomed to present information in a tabular format. The Entire World Wide Web Consortium, as well as W3C with regard to short, is actually headed simply by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who has been simply additionally the first individual to end up being able to implement HTML.

HTML tags, in addition known as HTML elements or perhaps HTML codes, are accustomed to format content on the webpage. the tr tag is accustomed to insert rows, while the td tag can be utilized to insert columns. Making Use Of this tag prevents the browser via breaking a new lengthy phrase Wordpress Accounts within an abrupt manner.

An essential feature in regards to the tags that should end up being borne in your own mind while writing them is that zero areas should end up involving the opening and also closing tags. It marks changes as well as modifications which have occurred in the document.


The dfn tag can end up being a phrase tag.


This may end up being the document type tag, which is really not really a tag, nevertheless a declaration with the version associated with HTML that's used. The idea can become used inside the actual form tag.


The ins tag defines text which includes been inserted in in order to a document. It will not demand a framset container.


This tag defines images in an HTML document. in layman terms, by making use of this tag shifts the primary objective from your primary section of the web page to highlight extra information. Footer by natural means specifies the author and copyright information, amongst various other things. HTML 5 segregates between your section, article, along together with other parts of your page, whereas in HTML 4 and before, this tag was utilized substantially to section and structure the page. This kind of tag is used within conjunction using dl (description list) and also dt (defines terms).


The del tag defines text which includes been deleted from the document.

Did An Individual Know?HTML, as well as HyperText Markup Language, has been initial released throughout 1993. h1 defines the most crucial heading, although h6 defines minimal important.


The hr tag defines the thematic break in an HTML web page (e.g., any shift of topic).


The HTML tag tells the particular browser that will this could be an HTML document. The Particular applet tag just isn't supported in HTML 5; the identical functionality could be arrived in using the particular Object tag.


The location tag can be used to define the location of your clickable section when using location mapping.


This tag is utilized to represent the element of the web page which consists of a self-contained composition inside a document or even a web page with the site.


The aside tag, since the title states, separates a new part in the content material from your primary content material of the page. Deprecated in HTML 4.01, the particular underline tag had been reintroduced throughout HTML 5 to become able to represent text that will become stylistically distinct via normal text, such as misspelled words or perhaps correct nouns within Chinese. This particular tag isn't supported within HTML 5, CSS properties need to become used instead.


The cite tag defines the actual title of a work, e.g., a new book, a new song, any movie, any TV show, the painting, any sculpture, etc.


The code tag can be accustomed to define the reference or even bit of code embedded on the page. Unlike the image tag, it can be modified around the fly (runtime) making use of scripts.


The caption tag is accustomed to insert a title for a table, various from your one out of table header. a list of merchandise is inserted utilizing the actual alternative tag inside the select tag.


This tag decreases size the text from the typical dimension in order to a smaller size.


The source tag is actually nested within the particular audio and video tag, permitting it define the supply of your media to be employed from the browser, based on its media type or perhaps codec support.


The span tag is principally used to add custom styling for you to inline elements. It defines crucial text.


The type tag is actually utilized to define styling for that web page along with elements about the page.


The subscript tag can be used to define or even format text, by shifting the published text for the lower a part of your present line, called the baseline. However, it provides any usability improvement pertaining to mouse users, since when the user clicks about the text inside the actual label element, the cursor concentrate is shifted for the relative input element. A Person could get several footer elements in a single document.


The form tag will be among one with the most essential facets of interactive pages.


The div tag defines a division or even a section inside an HTML document


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