How do Muslims clean their bums after poop

09/18/2015 19:35
In many Asian Countries, folks work along with a system where they do not sit, that they squat and also after the enterprise they will wash typically using a spicket to be able to spray it out. Instead, they will clean using water making use of their particular left hand, normally a bidet or jug. Which is why in Muslim toilets each along with every toilet cubicle includes a jug associated with h2o along with the actual cistern.

This habit exists within Arabic countries, India, as well as north Africa. Therefore, a special suggestion regarding travelling to these countries is: usually keep some toilet tissue in your bag, as well as pack some toilet rolls inside your luggage.


Not until recently when I went to Tunisia for a trip, I realise that Muslim people dont use toilet paper to clean their particular bums after poop


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