Battlefield Bad Company 2 Satellite Uplink / M-COM Locations Guide Part 1

04/20/2015 22:40
Head past this, as well as the creating infront regarding it. The Particular M-COM is simply behind these.

Heavy Metal M-COM 2.

Where to find M-COM 1:

Once you have left the tank for the 2nd time, and have come under fire from your armored MG position, head straight into one of the past houses around the left having a band involving red across the bottom plus a wooden shelter outside. Your M-COM can be about the roof.

Heavy Metal M-COM 1.

Where to discover M-COM 1:

Just following dealing using the first TOW launchers, before you choose to go in to the UAV, confront east and head in direction of the large wind turbine and also sand bagged area. The Particular M-COM is actually inside.

Upriver M-COM 2.

Where to find M-COM 2:

After assaulting Upriver, the actual M-COM can be located inside the creating behind the actual MG-Tower, for the South West.

Crack your Sky M-COM 1.

Where to discover M-COM 1:

Once you've killed the particular MG head for the left as well as increase your steps leading East. Your M-COM is just inside.

High value Goal M-COM 1.

Where to find M-COM 1:

Once you've left the actual Humvee, there is going to be an ammo resupply crate just inside your village. The Particular M-COM can be inside the building in the top.

Crack the actual Sky M-COM 2.

Where to find M-COM 2:

Before using the jeep, enter the building for you to its left, the particular M-COM is actually inside at the Northern end.

Snowblind M-COM 1.

Where to find M-COM 1:

After being separated from your squad, head on the snowy slope, trying for you to keep in the middle between your buildings, keep likely till there can be a tiny wooden hut for your right with the M-COM inside.

Snowblind M-COM 2.

Where to locate M-COM 2:

Make the right path coming from heat supply to become able to heat supply until a person arrived at a little stone bridge, get into the first constructing about the right from your door around the left side, then double back again in oneself as well as climb the particular ladder in the room using the bathtub. Sarge gives an audio cue for you to destroy it.

Heart involving Darkness M-COM 2.

Where to locate M-COM 2:

Just prior to reaching Flynn's weapon cache, about the major route, you cannot miss it.

Upriver M-COM 1.

Where to find M-COM 1:

After leaving the particular sniper nest, cross the actual river along with head for the constructing second from the west in the other side.

Where do I locate bad Business two Satellite Uplinks / M-COMs within singleplayer?

Some Satellite Uplink / M-COM areas within Poor Organization 2 could be tricky in case you are not really checking every building or even powering every tree, so here can end up being a manual to assist anyone discover all the Battlefield Poor Business two M-COMs throughout singleplayer.

All directions tend to be provided respective with the map you might be demonstrated when within the menu, as the minimap rotates using the player's direction.

Heart associated with Darkness M-COM 1.

Where to locate M-COM 1:

After running aground and becoming ambushed, head forward as well as increase the particular hill either side involving the big tree instead of bearing right. The Particular M-COM is planning to be inside the open up in your right.

. The Particular M-COM station reaches the very best inside a new small wooden hut


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